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Why are your boards so "cheap"?

They are not cheap, they are made with the same materials, the same manufacturing and people as most of the board  you see out there at any surf shop. We cut some costs by not having a lot of overhead. We also are in the business to sell lots of boards for a bit lower than the rest. The deal won't last forever, get yours before we start jacking up the price!:)

What is the volume of your board?

We list that info on our website in a table with all dims and volume. We also list that info on each board built so you can easily see and know the volume.

Who is the shaper?

Our boards were designed by a ghost in the industry.  Our designer has a ridiculous amount of experience with surfboard building and riding. Our boards are cut with a CNC machine and then finished by different ghost shapers. The ghost shapers clean up the machined lines on the board and give it a perfect finish. The same ghost shapers are also finishing boards for all your well know brands that are out there. 

What material are your boards made with?

We make our boards with traditional Poly that has been used for years making boards. We also offer our boards in a EPS/ EPOXY material. Each material has its benefits and the EPS is a bit more expensive. Each are great but you will be the one to decide what is best for your use and your situation when choosing the right material for your board.

How long does it take to get a custom board?

On average we can get a board finished in 4-6 weeks. In peak season it could take up to 8 weeks or even 10 weeks.

We keep a large stock of boards in all shapes and sizes and materials so most of the time we should have the board that you want. If we don't, then custom is your next best option.

How do I get a board from you?

You can purchase a board right here on our website and we also have a shop in Oceanside for you to come check out the perfect board. 


If you need your board shipped out to you, we will professionally pack and ship via UPS or Daylight LTL Freight

Can I come by your shop?

Yes, please come by but just be sure to set up a time. We keep overhead low and are not just chilling out in the shop all day. If you text Toby, he will get back to you and schedule a time that works. Text 760 845 1983. You can email too at:

We are located at 462 Via Del Norte Oceanside, CA 92058.

What do you have at your shop?

We carry a large selection of surfboards. We have longboards, egg shapes, funboards, fish and shortboards. We also have all the accessories like fins, leashes, traction pads, and board bags. Everything we show on our website is available in our shop.

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