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Culture Supply Polymer TFX Quad Trailer Surfboard Fins

Culture Supply TFX Composite Quad Trailer Fins (2) in a NATURAL color 


  • 2 Trailer fins for quad-fin setups
  • Flexible Polymer Material
  • Fins fit 1/2" deep Future quad fin boxes 
  • Our TFX Composite quad trailer fins set comes with a Culture fin key and FREE Culture Supply Co. sticker 


If you have a surfboard with a quad 4-fin setup these fins fit the back two fin boxes that are a 1/2" deep. The front fin boxes on a quad 4-fin setup are 3/4" deep and take a regular side fin. 


If you have a 5-fin setup, pair these quad trailers with a set of our TFX tri fins to have the option to ride your board as a quad or thruster. 




Culture Supply Polymer TFX Quad Trailer Surfboard Fins

  • MODEL TFX Quad Trailer Fins
    FIN SETUP 1/2" deep Future fin boxes
    MATERIAL Polymer Composite
    FLEX PATTERN The TFX is our most flexible fin 
    TEMPLATE Quad trailer 50/50 foil template 
    COLOR Natural
    DIMENSIONS Height /Depth: 93mm (3.66″) | Width/Rake: 133mm (5.25”) | Base: 95mm (3.74”) | Finbox Depth: 12.5mm (1/2")
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