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Culture Supply Change Mat | Wetsuit Bag

Culture SupplyChange Mat & Wetsuit Bag


  • Protects your wetsuit from road damage when changing and vehicle from stinky wetsuit smell
  • Heavy duty durable nylon material
  • Easy to use! Simply lay out the 28” diameter mat, change out of your suit and then use the drawstring to pull the bag tight around the suit for dry-bag storage in your vehicle


Sometimes these change mats - wetsuit bags can be gimmicks that leak or quickly fall apart. Culture Supply Co. decided to design one with thicker waterproof material that handled being stood on, when changing,  and then kept the water from your suit from leaking into your vehicle when used as a drybag.


We are so sure that this bag will deliver the promise of a no-leak wetsuit bag, that it comes with a 1-year warranty. 




Culture Supply Change Mat | Wetsuit Bag

  • ITEM Change Mat & Wetsuit Bag
    QUANTITY 1 x change mat/wetsuit bag and carry bag
    MATERIAL Heavy duty nylon material
  • 1-year warranty on all change mats! 

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