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7'0 Egg Ride | EPS | Carbon Strips | 2+1 Fin Setup

Culture Supply Egg Ride Model


The Egg Ride is made for the person that wants to catch a lot of waves with little effort. This board comes with a rounded nose. This not a longboard , but closer to an Egg/Fish.


The rounded nose makes it that much easier to get into waves. You will love this board - great for any quiver!


This board was made using an EPS foam blank and glassed with epoxy resin - the result, a light and durable and fun surfboard!


Dimensions: 7'0 x 22.5" wide x 3" thick at 51.71L Vol


Foam/Glass: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Foam with Epoxy Resin Glassing

Fin Setup: 2+1 with Future side boxes

Color: Carbon strips (tail and bottom) with clear/sanded finish

Glass Layup: 4oz on the bottom and 6+4oz on top


FREE in-store pickup by appointment. Call/text Toby at 760-845-1983


Surfboard Shipping rates:

· West Coast USA - Up to 7ft $99 | Above 7ft $149

· Rest of USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) - Up to 7ft $149 | Above 7ft $199



7'0 Egg Ride | EPS | Carbon Strips | 2+1 Fin Setup

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