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Culture Supply BLUE Surfboard Leash (5 Sizes)

Culture Supply BLUE Surfboard Leash with max-strength polyurethane cord 


  • 2” Neoprene cuff with quick-release tab
  • Triple wrap rail saver 
  • Leash String
  • Internal key pocket 
  • Stainless steel heavy duty, anti-tangle swivel 


At Culture Supply we all surf and we also hate leashes that tangle and leashes that snap. We designed a leash with anti-tangle twin stainless steel swivels, along with max-strenth polyurethane cord to produce the best leash on the market today. Tested in breaks from Baja to the North Shore of Hawaii, it has performed every time in all conditions.


Backed by our 1-year warranty, the Culture Supply leash is a proven performer. 


How to Size a Leash for Your Surfboard


The team at Culture Supply recommend choosing a leash that is similar to the size of your surfboard....under 6ft through 6'4 board then go with a 6ft leash. When you reach the half-sizes then it's a preference on shorter V.s longer.


BUT if you are in doubt and concerned with having the safest length leash for your surfboard, size UP. Example; You have a 6'6 board then size to a 7ft leash in this circumstance. Having too long a leash causes drag and tangles while too short a leash can allow the board to hit you when falling off.






Culture Supply BLUE Surfboard Leash (5 Si