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Culture Supply 6.5"~10" Fiberglass Surfboard Fins

Culture Supply Hand-Craft Fiberglass Surfboard Fins


  • An all-round single fin template that performs in a wide varity of conditions 
  • Excellent single fin or 2+1 center fin option for ALL size surfboards
  • 6 Color Choices: Translucent Red | Translucent Natural | Translucent Blue | Translucent Smoke | Solid Pink | Solid Lavender
  • Solid fiberglass fin 
  • Our hand-craft fiberglass fin lineup comes with a fin sleeve, box screw/plate and FREE Culture Supply Co. sticker 


The Culture Supply Co. signature hand-craft fiberglass single-fin in an all-round, versatile template for all conditions. Whether you need a single fin for a longboard or smaller retro board, the handcraft fiberglass Culture Supply Co. fin will perform.


Four translucent color options, or a solid pink, to choose from to add some style to your board. 


If you have a 2+1 setup, we also carry sidebite fin sets(2) in both a lightweight RTM material (resin transfer molded) and composite polymer. 


RTM Sidebites:

Polymer Sidebites:


Culture Supply 6.5"~10" Fiberglass Surfboard Fins

$44.95 Regular Price
$40.46Sale Price
  • MODEL Signature Hand-Craft Fiberglass Center Fin 
    FIN SETUP Center Fin Boxes
    MATERIAL Fiberglass
    FLEX PATTERN Stiff - this is a solid fiberglass fin
    TEMPLATE All-round Template


  • 10” Fin ☞ Height /Depth: 254mm (10″) | Width/Rake: 245mm (9.6”) | Base: 158mm (6.2”) 
    9” Fin ☞ Height /Depth: 229mm (9″) | Width/Rake: 238mm (9.4”) | Base: 144mm (5.7”)
    8” Fin ☞ Height /Depth: 203mm (8″) | Width/Rake: 207mm (8.2”) | Base: 135mm (5.3”)
    6.5” Fin ☞ Height /Depth: 165mm (6.5″) | Width/Rake: 190mm (7.5”) | Base: 124mm (4.9”)


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