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Culture Supply Surfboard Wax

Culture Supply Surfboard Wax in 6-packs or 84 bar cases


  • 80g bars 
  • Epic coconut scented, natural, non-toxic and biodegradable surfboard wax.
  • Paper wrapper printed on recycled paper.
  • FREE wax comb & fin key combo included with EVERY wax order 
  • This wax has taken a few years to get it how we wanted it, but we have the BEST all-round wax out there on the market. All wax is made locally in Oceanside, California


Culture Suopply Co. set out to make it's wax locally in Oceanside, California and develop the best all-round wax blend on the market today.


Culture Supply wax has the perfect combo of tackness underfoot that stays on your board. No more wax peeling off or smearing...just a sticky, no-slip wax that smells great and performs exceptional in all conditions. 




Culture Supply Surfboard Wax

  • COLD Water temps Below 60F (15c) ~ our softest blend of wax that is also a great topcoat in all conditions if you prefer a softer, tacker wax job.
    COOL Water temps 58F-68F (14c-19c)
    WARM Water temps 64F-74F (19c-28c)
    BASECOAT/TROPICAL Water temps above 75F (24c) ~ our hardest wax. Perfect as a basecoat wax or for tropical water temps


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